Architectural Coffee Break, or ACB, is an online lecture series focused on the new generation of architects on the planet level. Every month, we invite a studio from somewhere around the world, with young ideas, a strong statement and a critical position. The lecture is then archived on our website as a database of a new generation in the becoming.

ACB was created by Pierre Escobar and l’atelier, Nomadic Architecture Studio in 2020 with the goal to assemble a common architectural discours.
If you are interested in being part of the ACB community and make a lecture, please email us at

Pierre Escobar is a French designer, architect and urbanist. Pierre is the founder of l’atelier, Nomadic Architecture Studio and a teacher of interior architecture at the Berlin International University of Applied Sciences in Berlin.

L’atelier is the first-ever nomadic architecture, landscape and urbanism studio. With roots on the European continent, l’atelier collaborates and co-creates with a global team spread across the world. For the moment, we have hubs in Brussels, Paris, Marseille, Buenos Aires and Berlin.